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Jenny Gill & Keeley Valentino at the Rutledge



I don’t usually do reviews of shows on this blog however I am allowed to change my mind, not only because it’s my blog but because I am a woman.

Last Friday night found me at the Rutledge on 4th Avenue.   It wasn’t a show I had suggested but I often see things throughout the week that I may find more appealing or perhaps that would just fit my schedule better.  I like to act as if I go out on the town every night but the truth is I’m getting older and earlier is sometimes better.  This show started at 7 which was perfect for me this Friday night.  I had seen the show announced on my friend Charles Alexander’s Facebook feed.  Keeley Valentino  is managed by Charles and I have met her and think she is very sweet.  I was also interested to see Jenny Gill , yes because of her last name and also because I’ve heard her name around town many times and have never actually heard her band.

I walked in a few minutes after Keeley’s set had begun. (Side note the Mexican Restaurant next door has great food but don’t try to leave your car there without asking.) I had seen Keeley about a year ago at the Basement and I enjoyed her but perhaps because my head was not in it or for other reason’s I just wasn’t blown away.  Friday night I was blown away. Her songs and voice were gorgeous.  She has a great range and knows how to use it rather than just blow out every song at top volume.  Her band was awesome and I was most impressed with the fact that she not only had a back up singer (I do not think singer/songwriter’s should be allowed to play this town without one – why would they not when we have so many great singers here! ) Tangent over…so not only did Keeley have a back up singer but she had Maureen Murphy, if you don’t know Maureen just go to the page I have linked.  Overall really enjoyable set and she had a great audience show up to not only support her but really enjoy her show.

I stayed for a little bit of Jenny Gill’s set and really enjoyed her cover of Adele as well as her R&B style repertoire. She had an awesome band, which was expected. The house was rockin’ when I left and I’d definitely check her out again.

The Rutledge really struggles in the parking department, however I did find one because I squeezed my Smart Car in between a wall and a Cube but I would say, hands down, (what does that mean exactly?) The Rutledge has one of the best sounding rooms in town and probably one of the most honest and nicest owners I have ever met.


Jazz at Parnassus this Saturday


I received this email today, be there or be….

I’m absolutely delighted to be presenting “Jazz by the Book: The Music of Peggy Lee” with Lori Mechem and Roger Spencer.  This special presentation will be this Saturday, March 24th, at Parnassus Books in Nashville from 4-5pm.  It’s free, open to the public and Parnassus will have lots of great Peggy Lee books, DVDs and music for you to purchase, if you are so moved.

This event is special to me for many reasons. First of all, its a series in conjunction with the Nashville Jazz Workshop. Secondly, I get to play with two of my favorite musicians and lastly, it’s a chance to support one of Nashville’s newest treasures.  For those of you who are not familiar, Parnassus Books is an independent bookstore located in Nashville, TN. It was started by best-selling author Ann Patchett and publishing veteran Karen Hayes.  It happens to be run by one of my favorite people in Nashville, Mary Grey James.  For Mary Grey, I’ll do just about anything!  So, it’s a privilege and honor to be performing in such a special venue.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Ann Patchett’s visit to Stephen Colbert, it’s a must-see. Ann is my new hero! (skip to 15:14 and you’ll be at the start of Ann’s interview)

I’m really excited to share with you a few great Peggy Lee stories & songs.  It’ll be fab, so join us!

Keep Swingin’