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2013 Spring, Summer and Fall Live Music in Nashville, TN


4/23/13     The Mavericks     Cannery Ballroom

4/25/13     Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis

4/23/13     The Mavericks    Cannery Ballroom

4/25/13     Abigail Washburn     The Franklin Theatre

4/25/13     Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis      3rd and Lindsley

4/25/13     Shooter Jennings     Marathon Music Works

4/27/13     The KDSML Review      Exit/In

4/28/13     Kim Richey with Maia Sharp     3rd and Lindsley

5/4/13      Space Capone and Guilty Pleasures     Cannery Ballroom

5/7/13-6/2/13 Lion King     TPAC

5/10/13     Gabe Dixon     3rd and Lindsley

5/12/13     The Killers     Grand Ole Opry House

5/17/13     Brandi Carlile with the Nashville Symphony     Schermerhorn

5/18/13     The Avett Brothers     Bridgestone Arena

5/20-21/13     Sheryl Crow     Franklin Theatre

5/25/13     Abigail Washburn Franklin Theatre

6/9/13     Dawes     Ryman Auditorium

6/13/13      She & Him     Ryman Auditorium

6/14/13     Billy Joe Shaver

6/22/13     Los Lobos, Los Lonely Boys, Alejandro Escovedo

6/28/13     Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture

9/25/13     Mavis Staples & Blind Boys of Alabama

Live Music Week of April 15 through 21, 2013


I went out Saturday night to hear a friend’s husband (who happens to be one of the best bluegrass bass players in town) play with 18 South.  This band has now become my new favourite.  This weekend was made even more special with the guest appearances of Sam Bush and John Oates!  Before I headed to The Station Inn I hit Music City Mayhem at the new East-Centric Pavilion, not only was the music great and it was the place to be Saturday afternoon but I’m super excited about what music and festivals will be coming to the East-Centric Pavilion.  I may never need to leave East Nashville again.  

4/15/13     Time Jumpers       3rd and Lindsley

I’d like to say “Tipper Whore” at Mercy Lounge because the name is so funny but I know nothing about them.  The Time Jumpers as I’ve mentioned before are a sure bet! 

4/16/13    Keith Urban, Vince Gill, Roseanne Cash, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson and more    Bridgestone Arena

An all-star line up of the “real deal” country music folk to benefit The Country Music Hall of Fame, a place I spent much of my time volunteering when I first moved to Nashville. If you’ve never been there do check it out.  It looks like a pip squeak next to the new convention center but it’s a wonderful place both architecturally and historically.  

4/17/13     AER w/ The Lonely Biscuits      Exit/In

I don’t know a whole lot about this band but I first heard them featured as a local band on Lightning 100 and loved their song.  I have no idea who AER is but I’m sure if they are matched up with these guys it will be a good night.  If you don’t want to stand up and dance get there early to get a seat up top.  

4/18/13    Leon Russell with Chuck Foster and Dave Pahanish     3rd and Lindsley

If Russell’s “Delta Lady”, “Superstar” or “A Song For You” aren’t enough then go to hear hit songwriter Pahanish  or former band member for the incredible Bonnie Bramlett, Foster. 

4/19/13     Griffin House     Exit/In 

Beautiful melodies, sweet lyrics and a  great voice.  

4/20/13     East Nashville Honey Bee Festival      East-Centric Pavilion

I have no idea who is playing but the venue is great and if it’s a nice day it’s going to be the place to be between 10 am and 4pm!  Afterwards head back across the river to see Rock of Ages at TPAC . If it’s as much fun as the movie you’ve nothing to lose!  

4/21/13    Striking Matches     Bluebird Cafe

I fell in love with this duo at Tin Pan South.  Check them out in this intimate setting while you have a chance.  They will be selling out the Ryman in no time.    

My week at Tin Pan South 2013


I’m too tired from last week to go anywhere this week, but if I change my mind I’ll let you know.  Meanwhile check out my last upcoming events entry here. 

This is a recap of my last week’s adventures.

I don’t consider myself a reviewer, I just know what I like and what I don’t. My weekly blog usually consists of what I would go see  each night of the week around town but like most everyone I have an opinion, I just don’t necessarily feel I need to share it with the whole world all of the time.

(The below pics are mainly videos, I’m not sure why they aren’t showing up that way.)

The following are a few of the brightest moments for me this week.  Thank you Nashville.com for supplying the press passes, it was a great week to be in Nashville.

Check out my previous blogs for information on my favourite moments from Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

On Thursday night I found myself at Winner’s Bar & Grill which isn’t where I originally started out but I found myself in need of some of the country music I knew and loved growing up and when I was still in love with country music. I found it at a couple of rounds at Winners.  I caught the second half of a set with Richard Leigh who as I walked in started singing his Reba McEntire cut “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” then in the next round “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue”  and finally one of my favourite Dixie Chicks songs “Cold Day in July.”  Jamie Teachenor was also in the round and I loved his Jerry Lee Lewis cut “You gotta rock if you’re gonna roll with me”.

I stuck around for the following round because one of my favourite singer/songwriter’s was playing. Lisa Carver played a song I used to cover on cruise ships called “I’m Old Enough To Be Your Lover”.  I used to see her play at the Broken Spoke and knew she would be playing with the “big boys” eventually. Lisa said that Pam Tillis just cut this song and it will be on her next album.  It’s about time!

Marcus Hummon was also in this round and he played his Sara Evans and Darrell Scott co-write, “Born To Fly”. And the highlight of this round for me was his performance with a song he and his son Levi “Make It Love”

Jason Matthews performed his Julie Robert’s cut “Break Down Here” which was also a treat for me!

I cut out early because Gary Nicholson, Lee Roy Parnell, Mike Reid and Greg Barnhill were playing the Rutledge. I arrived just in time to hear Lee Roy play “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it” but the highlight for me was his performance of both “Love Without Mercy” and “I”m Holding My Own”.  I also enjoyed the camaraderie between these four, obviously long time, friends. Gary’s “The Upside of Lonely” was a hit and also a fun jab at Leroy and his multiple marriages.  But I can understand, the man just seems to get sexier with age…sorry but it’s true. Although I’m not sure whether I missed Mike Reid play his Bonnie Raitt hit, “I Can’t Make You Love Me’ or whether he just didn’t play it, I did get to hear Greg Barnhill play his Trisha Yearwood hit “Walkaway Joe”.

Friday night I was back at Winner’s to see Jen Foster, Granville Automatic and Nicole Witt.  Someone yelled out during Jen’s song “Taking Bob Dylan” that it was the best song he had heard all week.  Jen is a great  singer and songwriter and I found it pretty special that NSAI president Bart Herbison attended this show when there were so many he could have attended. I also really enjoyed Granville Automatic’s “Never on a Sunday”

I cut out early as I had tickets for TedX Nashville Saturday morning and I have to tell you the performance by Mike Ferris of Mary Gauthier’s “Mercy Now” at 9:30 am was absolutely stupendous.  I believe he said it will be on his next album.

I dragged my butt out to one last show Saturday night.  My good friend Charles Alexander had put together a round with Gabe Dixon, Alyssa Bonagura and sister duo Adelee & Gentry.  By far this was one of the best rounds I saw all week. I had never heard Charles live and was truly impressed by his voice as well as the unique life experience he brings to his songwriting as a Malaysian born immigrant living in Nashville with both “America” and “Immigrant”.  Adelee and Gentry had some very sweet singable songs with that delicious sister harmony.  I was, however super psyched about seeing and hearing both Alyssa Bonagura and Gabe Dixon and neither were a disappointment.

Alyssa Bonagura was all smiles through everyone’s performance, she seemed very genuine and even loaned her guitar to the two “youngins” to her left when their guitar went wonky during one of their songs.  She played or sang along whenever appropriate on other’s songs and was never obtrusive.  Alyssa’s songs were all fantastic but her performance with guest Jessie James (a duo they are calling  “Jackie Blue”) and the song she’s had great success with via a Lowe’s commerical “I Make My Own Sunshine” were definitely my favourites.

Gabe Dixon finished off the set with a request from the audience and sounded great on Hard Rock’s acoustic piano which was needless to say a little out of tune.  Straight up honky tonk but Gabe called himself a purist and I appreciate him all the more for being one. FYI all that noise in the background was Jessie James and her crew (I’m just saying…)

Tin Pan South Week Nashville, TN Special Edition


I attended this  Nashville event regularly for a number of years back when I was interested in becoming a hit songwriter.  It’s fun to see some of the hit makers who have been playing it for years, some who were slugging away when I was and are now successful songwriters and those who have become my local favourites regardless of whether anyone has cut their song or not!  

I’ll list my top pick for early and late show but I’ll tell you some nights (mainly the weeknights) it was hard to pick just one.  Pick up a copy of the Nashville Scene for a full listing or go to the official Tin Pan South page here.

4/2/13   Radney Foster, Jon Randall, Bruce Robison, Wade Bowen  6:00 pm   3rd and Lindsley

 Radney Foster is just cool and great, Jon Randall wrote”Whiskey Lullabuy” which will tear you apart and I discovered  Bruce Robison when the Dixie Chicks were making the best “country” albums to ever come out of Nashville since the good ole days.  I am not familiar with Wade but how could he not be great with this lineup.

4/2/13   Colin Linden, Buddy Miller, special guests tba  9:00 pm   3rd and Lindsley

I have a few reasons I’m picking this show.  First because I love Buddy Miller and Colin Linden (my first Canadian mention of the week.) Second,  because I will already be at 3rd and Lindsley (although  I’ll probably have to eat there and if you’ve read this blog before you know how I feel about their sub par food)  and lastly because their “special guests” may include some of the artists from the TV Show Nashville which I will freely admit is a guilty pleasure of mine, I wouldn’t mind getting a close up view of some of the hotties from that show.

4/3/13     Victoria Banks, Phil Barton, Jaron Boyer, Emily Shackelton    6:00 pm Bluebird Cafe

This is my second Canadian mention of the week.  Victoria Banks was the 2010 CCMA winner for Best Female Vocalist.  She is also a great songwriter, super smart and a really cool person. It also would be a shame to not spend one night at the Bluebird Cafe and this would be my only pick there this week. 

4/3/13    Kristen Kelly, Ashley Monroe, Striking Matches, Trent Williams.  9:00 pm  Hard Rock Cafe

These artists and songwriters are a little newer to the scene than my previous mentions but great nonetheless. Google them to find out more or just trust me on this one. 

4/4/13   Ruby Amanfu, Trent Dabbs, Emerson Hart, Deniss Matkosky     6:00 pm The Listening Room Cafe

If you are really interested in hard core songwriter’s than just park yourself at the Rutledge for the night which is where we are heading next.  However, I will not pass up a chance to hear Ruby Amanfu sing and I like to mix up the traditional with a little more of the pop/alternative writers you will get in this set.  

4/4/13  Greg Barnhill, Gary Nicholson, Lee Roy Parnell, Mike Reid     9:00 pm     The Rutledge

The Rutledge has a great sound system, decent food and good seating.  The line up is not only full of hit songwriters but great guitar players as well.  

4/5/13     Marc Beeson, Paul Jenkins, Anthony L. smith, Matt Warren    6:30 pm  Winners

Friday night’s lineups everywhere are full of hit songwriters, new and old, and it’s a hard choice. Since I’ll be sending you to Winners at 9:30 you might as well just start the night off here and avoid having to find parking twice on a Friday night.  

4/5/13     Jen Foster, Granville Automatic, Nicole Witt 9:30 pm    Winners

I not only work with Jen Foster but I was a fan of her music long before I knew her personally. She is a great singer and writes melodic and heartfelt songs. Granville Automatic writes interesting songs that harken back to Civil War times and Witt has had cuts with everyone from Rodney Adkins to Point of Grace.  

4/6/13    Adelee & Gentry, Charles Alexander, Alyssa Bonagura, Gabe Dixon  6:30 pm  Hard Rock Cafe

Adelee & Gentry are fairly new but are making quite a smash and are a nice change to the usual radio friendly country.  I first heard about them through my friend Charles Alexander who I believe is a brilliant person and I look forward to hearing him perform live for the first time.  Alyssa has a beautiful voice and is also not a typical “Nashville” artist but part of the “new Nashville order” that I love so much.  Gabe Dixon is a great pianist and one of my favourite local artists.  His Christmas show at 3rd & Lindsley was one of my top ten concerts of 2011.  

4/6/13     Aaron Barker, Lee Thomas Miller, Chris Wallin, Camille Wallin 9:30 pm  The Rutledge

I would go to this show purely just to hear and see Chris & Camille Wallin.  Great singers, great songs and I expect they wouldn’t do a round with anyone who doesn’t measure up to their standards. 


Live Music Week of March 25 through 31, 2013


3/25/13     Mike Henderson Band with Michael Rhodes     Bluebird Cafe

This has been a long standing Monday night at the Bluebird and after seeing Michael Rhodes with Pat McLaughlin last week I’m sold on any band he’s a member of. 

3/26/13     The McCrary Sisters     3rd and Lindsley

I just love these ladies.  They have sung with everybody, they have the most beautiful blended harmonies  that family members make and I love their diverse choice of material. They are also sweet and genuine human beings who have a strong link to Music City U.S.A. 

3/27/13     Tommy Womack, Will Kimbrough and more     Bluebird Cafe

I first heard Tommy Womack a few years ago at the Southern Festival of books.  I enjoyed his quirky and funny songs so much I bought his book  “The Lavendar Boys.”   Will is another Nashville treasure with a list a mile  long who have cut his material and with whom he has collaborated. 

3/28/13     Larry Gatlin, Marcus Hummon, Mike Reid, Tom Schuyler     3rd and Lindsley

Okay I remember Larry Gatlin as a little girl so there is some nostalgia here and the rest of these guys have written some of my favorite country songs when I still loved country music and listened to country radio.  I expect they still write great songs.   

3/29/13    Charles Walker &  The Dynamites     Mercy Lounge

Super Nashville fun, put on your dancing shoes and start the weekend right.  The Mercy Lounge is one of my favorite venues.  Go ahead and park on the street by Cummins Station and cut through the parking lot to save some cash. 

3/30/13     Eric Heatherly     Puckett’s Grocery Nashville

I loved Eric’s remake The Statler Brother’s Flowers on the Wall  years ago and if Billy Bob Thornton is a fan why wouldn’t you be too?  

3/31/13     Bluegrass Jam     The Station Inn

Another long standing tradition here in Nashville and if you haven’t been to the Gulch lately it’s cool to see how this venue holds it’s ground with the massive growth surrounding it. Also a great way to spend your Easter Sunday afternoon. 


Live Music Week of March 18 through 24, 2013


This will be short and sweet, I was out enjoying Pat McLaughlin last night at 3rd and Lindsley and didn’t get much time to work on the blog but it was worth every minute.  See him there again Tuesday! 

3/18/13    New Monday featuring Val Storey, Carl Jackson & Larry Cordle     The Station Inn

See my previous blog for what I had to say about this night. 

3/19/13    Pat McLaughlin, Jack Pearson, Etta Brittt, Jonell Mosser, Sheila Lawrence, Vicki Carrico, Tiffany Johnson…   3rd and Lindsley

As I mentioned Pat is the bomb and all of the ladies on this ticket blow my mind.  I believe it’s also a fundraiser so go. 

3/20/13    Nicki Bluhm & The Gamblers    The High Watt  or   Liz Longley CD Release  3rd and Lindsley

Another  tough choice on a Wednesday.  Watch this video of Nicki and her band covering a Hall & Oates song then look at the list of accomplishments Liz has achieved and pick one.   

3/22/13    Bill Lloyd in the Round   Bluebird Cafe        

Bill Lloyd is one half of Foster and Lloyd.  But he’s all of that and more, should be a good round but please be quiet ;0

3/22/13   Vinyl Radio     Puckett’s Grocery   

Great musicians, seventies musc – what’s not to love. 

3/23/13    Sherrie Austin, Will Rambeaux Puckett’s Grocery

Great songwriters, good singers. Enjoy!   

3/24/13      Les Miserables   Troutt Theatre   

OMG, if you have not seen this musical in a live theatrical setting then check this one out. It’s closing night so that’s always my favourite night because the cast knows this is the last time for them to be together in such an intense, collaborative way.  It is usually emotional and all the more exciting.

Live Music Week of March 4 to 10, 2013


3/11/13     The Time Jumpers     3rd and Lindsley

I have spoken about this group before. They used to be at the Station Inn every Monday but they’ve moved to 3rd and Lindsley and are a veritable who’s who of  the best musicians Nashville has to offer. (Does that sentence make sense or am I getting too fancy?) They are really good is what I am trying to say.  Country, swing, jazz and pop.  They play it all and you just never know if a famous person might show up and sit in if that’s your thing. 

3/12/13   The Sixth Annual Jeffrey Steele & Friends       Franklin Theatre 

If it involves Jeffrey Steele it’s going to “rock”!  I’ll give a shout out to my friend Stevie C. who plays guitar for Jeffrey but just go cause you will know at the very least one song this hit writer will mostly likely perform AND Billy Ray Cyrus will be there…what?  Seriously I actually opened for Billy Ray and he was one of  the most gracious “stars” I have ever met, yes I know I haven’t met many but he treated his fans like gold.  I can’t say that for everyone I have opened for. 

3/13/13          C.J. Watson and friends     Bluebird Cafe    

I met C.J. on one of my very first trips to Nashville a gazillion years ago where he hosted a writer’s night at a hotel off of Trinity Lane.  C.J. is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met and writes GREAT songs.  He won’t have any slouchers in his round either I can tell you that! 

3/14/13     Beegie Adair    F. Scott’s 

I was going to send you to the Bluebird again to see Kim McLean but then I thought I needed to mix it up and add some really sweet jazz to the list.  The restaurant is a little pricey but it’s supposed to be tasty.  It’s definitely a classy joint but you will hear some fantastic fairly traditional jazz in the heart of Green Hills…who woulda thunk it?

3/16/13     Cabaret     TPAC

Due to high demand this musical was extended but this is really the last night so let’s not miss it.

3/16/13     Alison Krauss, Tony Lane, Jimmy Rankin and Gordie Sampson     Marathon Music Works

Okay, I always need to mention one Canadian act in this blog each week. It’s amazing how many of them walk among us here in Music City U.S.A.  No Alison is not Canadian (just really cool and talented like many of us.) Jimmy Rankin is from the Canadian family band The Rankin Family but he is a great songwriter, singer and really damn cute! This is also a benefit for a great school here in Nashville so it’ll make you feel good all over.  AND to top is all off it’s in my newest favourite venue.  

3/17/13     Pat McLaughlin    3rd and Lindsley

Okay it’s St. Patrick’s Day and he’s Irish, I think.  Have a green beer for me or don’t….but don’t be late because Angel Snow is opening.  Her name describes her voice almost perfectly.